Victor Li
CEO of Banker Mastery
As a city banker, Victor started his banking career after graduating from the University of Washington, where he studied Mathematics and Economics. The periods in which he studied were of great uncertainty due to the 2008 financial crisis. During that time, Victor discovered the huge unemployment rate in the finance industry was not just in the US and Canada, but globally as well. The fact of the matter was that all the top financial institutions, including banks and accounting firms, were cutting down their headcounts in an effort to minimize cost in order to cope with the crisis. This in turn created a huge downward spiral that put the financial industry in structural decline, and as a result major finance institutions are now looking for candidates with much different qualities than ever before.
After graduating, Victor went back to China to work for a major Chinese bank where he gained exposure to the internal processes that govern the banking system. After working for a year as a Business Analyst at the bank, Victor decided to go overseas to pursue his city banker dream in Toronto. After arriving in Toronto, Victor was active in applying for different types of banking positions, both online and in person. He also went through various recruitment firms and extensive online resources in an attempt to find the best way to consistently getting a top banking position. However, Victor soon found out that it was apparent no one has a method that can consistently secure a top banking position. 
After gaining valuable experience through extensive amount of interviews, Victor was finally able to secure top banking positions consistently at major banks, and it was during that time that Victor discovered the Banker Mastery system. Using the Banking Mastery system, Victor was able to secure top level analyst positions at top banks such as RBC, BMO, TD, and CIBC. 

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